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gollum owned a tropical smoothie

“Gollum Owned a Tropical Smoothie” is a new musical about Gollum owning a Tropical Smoothie.

Sound Bites 6.0 - WINNER (Best Musical, Best Lyrics, Best Direction)



Book, music, and lyrics by Ethan Crystal and Garrett Poladian.

The first reading of Gollum Owned a Tropical Smoothie took place in the Crew Bar of the Norwegian Escape. We had our first NYC Showcase at the Kraine Theater in November 2018, and our first full-length reading at Ripley Grier studios in February 2019.

G.O.A.T.S. competed in Sound Bites 6.0 in April 2019, winning Best Musical, Best Direction, and Best Lyrics.

All puppets handmade by Garrett Poladian. Logo by Gene Hua. DEH design and marketing by Holly Fuller.