Ethan is a singer, actor, writer, content creator, and freelance musician from Wilsonville, Oregon. He currently lives in Brooklyn, where he's pursuing a career in singing, acting, writing, content creating, and freelance music. Recently, he discovered he can steam the milk the right way about 2/3 times. 

Ethan has a deep background in acappella; he appeared on NBC's "The Sing-Off" Season 3, where he sang for Wilsonville High School's "Soul'd Out" alongside Grammy award-winning group "Pentatonix". He spent 4 years as a singer/beatboxer/arranger for the CMU Originals, and two summers with the Hersheypark Choc-A-Fellas. Now, he arranges freelance and occasionally judges ICCA/ICHSA competitions.

Ethan wrote, directed, produced, and acted in Rock-a-byea finalist in Manhattan Repertory Theatre's 10-Minute Play contest. He also makes C O N T E N T for Herkimer Street Variety Show, his sketch channel/meme page. The channel's first sketch, colloquially known as All White Hamilton, premiered at 54 Below on July 30th. 

Ethan sings tenor at Marble Collegiate Church on 29th and 5th. He is also a member of The Garby Group, a barbershop ensemble dedicated to Jame Grelson Garby (1884-1945), inventor of the infamous "Garby Sound." 

In his spare time, Ethan enjoys eating pints of ice cream, binging Norm Macdonald late night TV appearances, and (most importantly, above all) kicking back, cracking open some ice cold brews, breaking out his classic Tostitos 7-Layer Dip, turning on the big game, and sinking into the ultimate and deafening meaninglessness of the macho-consumerist brand of sports entertainment. He highly recommends the "hint of lime" chips